Welcome to ELSE!

ELSE is an 18+ educational, support, and social kink space for adults who identify as non-cis, including trans, intersex, third gender, agender, two-spirit, & nonbinary folx. We are centered in the San Francisco Bay Area and open to people who don’t feel their assigned gender at birth fully matches their gender identity.

Current Covid Policy

Find our latest updates to Covid policies for attending different kinds of ELSE in-person events.

Upcoming ELSE Events

Meet other non-cis members of the kink community online or in person at ELSE events in the San Francisco Bay Area including munches and play parties, or online at our monthly Discord munches!

ELSE Event Posters!

Here is a selection of the posters we put together for the ELSE Play Party. They’re printable in tabloid format, feel free to use them for your own party and customize them with your own logo / party information.

What Does ELSE Stand For?

ELSE is not an acronym. The world normalizes being cisgender, tailoring things for the cis, while overlooking the rest of us, when there are so many other types of gender. ELSE is a kink group for everyone ELSE, the rest of us, who are not cis.

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