ELSE Mission Statement

ELSE is an educational, support, and social kink space for adults who identify as non-cis. We believe that while the kink community strives to be inclusive, there is a distinct lack of spaces that are friendly towards noncishetnormative spaces and we feel existing spaces do not act distinctly enough to support non-cis people. Our mission is to provide that space: a comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment to empower and provide safety for non-cis folx to acquire new skills, bond safely with others, and explore the kink community at large.


  • Fostering a safe community for non-cis folx in kink.
  • Create an inclusive, safe, accessible space in kink not defined by heteronormative standards.
  • To create a space where members can share non-cis content with each other, be it art, literature, comics, resources, or kink.

For Those Questioning

Our Discord server also provides some channels for questioning people. 

Non-Cis Identities

We recognize there are a plethora of non-cis identities, so it is difficult to give an exact definition of who qualifies for this group. That said, this group is designed for 18+ folx who identify with one (or more) of the following labels:

Trans or TransgenderNonbinary
Third GenderAgender
GenderfluidGender Queer
IntersexAny unlisted non-cis identity

More ELSE Resources

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