ELSE In-Person Munch

The ELSE In Person Munch takes place twice a month, outdoors, in a park, in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to get the exact location of where in the park we will be meeting, you’ll need to become a member of the Discord Server by filling out this application or you can join our FetLife group here.

Our next In Person Munch will be in Oakland on Saturday, July 30 from noon to 2pm.

Published by Sumiko Saulson

Writer of poetry, science fiction and horror fiction. Cartoonist. Sumiko Saulson’s blog “Things That Go Bump In My Head” focuses on horror fiction writing and features author interviews, writing advice, short stories and editorial pieces. She is the author of three novels in the science fiction, horror and dark fantasy genres, “Solitude,” “Warmth”, and “The Moon Cried Blood”. She is also the author of a short story anthology by the same name as her blog. A published poet and writer of short stories and editorials, she was once profiled in a San Francisco Chronicle article about up-and-coming poets in the beatnik tradition. The child of African American and Russian-Jewish American parents, she is a native Californian, and was born and spent her early childhood in Los Angeles, moving to Hawaii, where she spent her teen years, at the age of 12. She has spent most of her adult life living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My blog is at http://www.sumikosaulson.com

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